Wall thickness gauge Echometer

Wall thickness gauge ECHOMETER series:

  • 1077 DATA: With individual setting of monitors and measurements at the zero crossing of the signal, the new A-scan ECHOMETER 1077 provides highly accurate measurement values with a measurement uncertainty of up to 0.01 mm, e. g. to meet the requirements of precision tube manufacturing or car body construction. Multiple echo measurements are employed, as well as mono-element straight probes with and without delay line.  Full information
  • 1076 TC DATA: With the standard procedure (TP-BE mode) for measuring wall thickness and sound velocity, the probe is placed on the uncoated surface of the material to be measured. The ECHOMETER 1076 TC Data offers more: Paint or plastic coatings up to a thickness of approx. 4 mm can be blanked out in order to precisely determine the wall thickness also through the coating. The measurement result is then calculated using successive backwall echoes (BE-BE mode).   Full information

  • 1076 DATA: An innovative combination instrument for measuring wall thickness as well as sound velocity. Thanks to the user-friendly plain-text menu, operation is straightforward. Fast quality checks in production are just as easy as measurements inside corroded containers or pipelines.  Full information

  • 1076 BASIC: The innovative combination device for measuring wall thickness and sound velocity convinces with up-to-date technology, modern design and an attractive price. Supported by easy operation via a user-friendly plain text menu the ECHOMETER 1076 Basic is suitable for fast quality control in production as well as for measuring of internally corroded vessels or pipelines.   Full information
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