Preparation Equipment for XRF analysis

Cups, Rings, Thin Film, Mylar and more

  • Sample cups (30/40/45/47mm, micro cups, CEMBLES) and rings: Universal XRF cups as well as cups for: ARL/Thermo® Optimix , Bruker® SRS, S4 , Spectro, PANalytical, XLAB analyzers and for XOS instruments.
  • Thin film sample support materials: thin films  in rolls / pre-cut  /circles, made of polypropylene, mylar, Kapton.
  • Press pelletizing sample preparation
  • Fusion re-agents
  • Grinding and binding additives
  • And moreNEW! Micro-cup specifically engineered to fit XOS analyzers. CapXTM is suitable for the Sindie Gen3 with autosampler, Sindie Gen3, Clora with autosampler, HD Maxine and the Sindie OTG.

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