Microflex - Micro Fiberscope

18.000 Pixels resolution | Adjustable focusing | 2×120° articulation | Blocking lever | 4 diameters

Excellent image quality of BIPOL’s MicroFlex Flexible Borescopes deliver, in very small micro diameters. You can access even the smallest opening, and utilize a 9-inch bend radius when the entry path is not straight. The polyamide-sheathed 0.40 – 0.5 and 0.9 mm models have 3,000 & 10,000 pixel fiber imaging bundles, and the plastic-sheathed 1.5 and 2.4 mm has a 30,000 fiber bundle. The eyepiece is easily replaced with a video adapter in option to use a C-Mount camera. Quickly and easily inspect cooling holes inside turbine blades, cannulas, catheters, needles, trocars, valves in medical devices, and many other micro manufactured parts. Use it with our Endolux LED light source for optimal results.
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