Indoor Air Quality- IAQ – meters and monitors

For handheld, semi-permanent and long-term IAQ measurement

GrayWolf IAQ meters, monitors and instruments optimize the balance between facility energy efficiency and occupant health, comfort and productivity. Identify potential IAQ issues before they become problems and respond immediately to complaints with the highly accurate and most intuitive portable IAQ meters, monitors and testing devices available today.


  • Simultaneous measurement of up to eight (8) key IAQ indicators with one probe; VOCs, CO2 (dilution ventilation), CO, O3, NO2, %RH, °C/°F plus an additional toxic gas sensor (from a broad choice of specific gases)
  • Optional particle concentration (PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM 10, TSP plus 2 other size ranges)
  • With an added probe, concurrently measure up to six additional gases
  • Up to 4 GrayWolf probes, plus a particulate sensor and formaldehyde monitor, may be connected simultaneously to some platforms
  • Optional air velocity probes
  • Optional internal differential pressure sensor (to determine pollutant pathways) and/or barometric pressure sensor
  • Data Logging
  • Back-lit color display
  • Intelligent user interface
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