AdvancedSense HVAC, Hand-Held Differential Pressure Meters

AdvancedSense HVAC, Hand-Held Differential Pressure Meters,

For high accuracy, low and high range DP Measurements

Unprecedented differential pressure measurement accuracy, plus range (via auto-ranging dual DP sensors), as well as auto-zeroing (to maintain low-end precision), is offered by GrayWolf’s AdvancedSense meters with a DP-702LH sensor installed. GrayWolf offers instruments with broad measurement ranges, yet exceptional sensitivity.

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Zephyr III Digital Micromanometer

Each Zephyr III instrument incorporates dual auto-ranging DP sensors, auto-zeroing (for data-logging stability), as well as dual ‘K’-type thermocouple sockets for measuring differential pressure, static pressure and differential temperature. With a pitot tube, the Zephyr provides direct air velocity readings. Volumetric flow is calculated by simply entering the size of the duct and the instrument performs the necessary calculation. Zephyr IIIs can also be fitted with a telescoping air velocity probe (models AS-201 or AS-202) to measure temperature and exceptionally accurate hotwire airspeed and/or an RH-AS2 probe for accurate relative humidity and °C/°F.

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